Creative director Nik Thakkar has joined forces with womenswear designer Ada Zanditon as the duo come together for the second time to create 'The Dark Wolf' Collection. Showcasing this all-black line at London Collection's: MEN, the show was held at the glamorous ME hotel, not far from the home of London Fashion Week, Somerset House.

The stunning AW14 line was a huge success, featuring 11 confident, charismatic models who strutted down the runway to music by Kanye West and Mike Will Made It, with a few of them puffing on NJOY's e-cigarettes. The whole event was electric and had a rebellious, vibrant feel to it. The entire audience were in awe of the outfits, which ranged from biker jackets to bombers, long sheer shirts to hoodies and jumpsuits to capes, with each look styled by Alexis Knox.

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Stunning leather jackets are something Ada and Nik do incredibly well and there was a big focus on outwear, so it's likely this will be a trademark piece for future collections. After their first show together in June, they are now successful in knowing their target consumer, as their style is a creative mix of street-wear and sophistication, the perfect combination for the typical AdaxNik man.

The theme of brotherhood was prominent through-out the show, with the guys posing together with their arms around each other, which Nik clearly wanted as a strong theme. His brother Oz Thakkar directed the short fashion film which introduced the show. Take a look at the video below!

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Although black was the only colour used, the collection was in no way boring or predictable, with different fabrics, silhouettes and textures being used creatively. This definitely helped distinguish the two from other menswear designers... They found a way to make black-on-black consistently interesting as they dared to try out tunic-like pieces on the male models. This playful element tested gender boundaries with models like Jake Hold and others wearing versatile dress-like pieces or shirts just above knee-length.

Overall, the entire show was electrifying and powerful, with Snow Queen Vodka providing the drinks and each guest receiving one of NJOY's e-cigarettes. The show was of course going to draw in some high profile names, with singer Natalia Kills and model Jimmy Q among those in the front row, but this extended to the catwalk also, with Olympian Tom Brady and singer Aiden Grimshaw in the line-up. The collection itself was absolutely flawless, bringing a James Dean feel to modern day fashion.

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