Winter is just around the corner and soon, it'll be time to put away all our gorgeous summer and fall pieces. We need to get ready to pull out our layers and prepare for the cold weather ahead!

There are two layering options we can choose from, depending on what your individual style is. First, there's simple layering. This is basic, effortless layering and is for people who prefer to go for casual everyday wear.

Here's an example! A variety of simple layering looks, where you can pair some boots with skinny jeans, with scarfs and heavy knitted cardigans for a complete look. Stunning neutral coloured scarfs are perfect for layering and make the perfect addition to any outfit.

The alternative option is daring to layer like a fashionista! This is for avid fashion girls, who are constantly reading Vogue and Elle, trying to predict the next trends and spot the hottest pieces. Layering means you'll mix a variety of textures and prints, and use bold colors to make a big statement.

As you can see from above, patterns are huge and every outfit has a daring, risky piece or pattern used! A long maxi skirt is paired with a blazer and bright colours and floral prints are predominant. This is definitely where you can make a statement and these different looks show you how you can mix a variety of pieces to create a gorgeous layered outfit!