There's absolutely no doubt that the 90's had an incredible influence on today's fashion. Let's look at some of the things we took from that era and see where they've made a comeback in modern fashion today...

THEN: Thinking back, we remember crop tops, sporty apparel, tartan mini skirts and knee high socks to name a few. I personally think of the movies such as 'Empire Records', 'Clueless', and 'Singles' when I think about iconic 90's style, when plaid skirts, knit vests and button-down shirts were huge! There's no doubt that almost every female who watched the film "Clueless' and has spotted something Cher was wearing and thought "wow, that is the perfect addition to my wardrobe, where can I get one of those?"

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(Via GlamourMagazine)


TV shows like 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' and 'Saved By The Bell' both rocked the preppy style, the mini skirts and crop tops an awful lot too and of course denim, denim, denim! These are all things we have brought with us into today's fashion. Kelly Kapowski is often named of the most memorable characters  from the 90's because of her quirky sense of style and ability to make colourful, clashing prints look insanely desirable. Here, we see the character's A.C Slater and Screech in abstract print and Kelly Kapowski in two of the big 90's trends: floral AND a crop top.

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 (Via EOnline)

Here's a key look from the 90's, the preppy look. Tartan mini skirts and knee high socks is one of the most famous trends from that time period. We all remember the girls of 'Clueless' strutting along in the film, wearing their short denim's and cute socks? Following this in 1998 was the release of Britney's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time', where the video came out and solidified that the sexy school girl style was definitely a successful look.

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From this, we can see that music was a significant influence, with people taking on board what their favorite artist was wearing in the latest music video or what new trends seemed to be blowing up. People like Kurt Cobain and Will Smith became famous for their out-going style, wearing plaid and printed jackets. Hip hops musicians proved to be a big inspiration and the baggy jeans, colorful jackets and Tommy Hilfiger blew up in the 90's.

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So, what's happened since then? Do we still look at fashion from that period and take things from it, proud to say we still cite Cher as one of our favourite fashion icons? Of course! Here are some pieces and styles from 90's fashion that has made a big standing in modern day style. Some have slight variations and changes, while others have tried to stay as true as possible to the original look.


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NOW: Here are some modern day versions of plaid pieces, taken from the 90's. Gwen Stefani was undoubtedly one of the most notable celebrities in that period, always wearing her signature red lip stick and crop tops. Since then, her taste has evolved and changed, but she still has a retro inspired, eccentric taste in clothing, as we can see in the first picture above.

Vanessa Hudgens looks the most 90's inspired in the above image, looking slouchy and wearing an item of plaid, sticking to the true 90's look. Tartan is making an epic comeback, with the red and black classic featured in countless editorials and worn by celebrities all across the globe.

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Stars like Rita Ora have drawn a lot from 90's fashion, with the 'Grunge' look proving to be back in style, especially in the upcoming season. Probably one of the most significant stars known for her style, Rita wears bright colours, clashing prints, plaid and tartan, crop tops and lots of denim, which is the perfect recipe for a 90's inspired outfit.

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Floral pants have returned since the 'Saved By The Bell' days with celebrities like Rihanna and Olivia Palermo rocking them. To successfully complete the 90's look, Rihanna pairs them with a denim cropped shirt. It's pretty clear that TV shows were relevant to showcasing new trends and making sure the right outfit was put on the right girl. This ensured that the look was appealing to the audience, because seeing someone like Kelly from 'Saved By The Bell' or Rachel from 'Friends' wearing these pieces, made the women at home confident that it was something they too could wear.

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The 2013 film 'The To Do List' is set in 1993 and it's a refreshing reminder of why we love 90's fashion so much, especially on the big screen. Crop tops, floral dresses and mini skirts are all the range in this film. It takes us back to one of our favourite era's for fashion and reminds us just why we love pretending we're Kelly Kapowski when we slip into pink denim jackets and bralets.

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Overall, the 90's was a great era and a pivotal time for the evolution of fashion. Many classic pieces of clothing became popularized and part of modern day style during this time and these outfits became so significant. Now we always find ourselves drawing inspiration from films, celebrities and music videos from that era to bring back a touch of the 90's.