Conchita Perez / by Noel Jean

I'm loving London based designer, Conchita Perez. Her sharp, sophisticated and raw shapes of her Fall 11/12 captures dark intricate craftsmanship that exudes power. She has worked for fashion greats such as Alexander McQueen, Boudicca and Hardy Amies, before starting her own label selling from her own boutique off Broadway Market in East London.

This is her 3rd collection, entitled Invisible Warriors, and it was shown in the Self Esteem Salon as part of London Fashion Week.

“A collection inspired by the warrior hidden in each of us and features structures of soft, arching curves and crisp, acute angles that embrace the contradictions and complexity of individuality. The dark hues in each of these couture pieces creates an emblem of confidence; an outward expression of our Invisible Warriors ” says Perez.