FASHION OUT LOUD Preparation and Rehearsal / by Noel Jean

There was tons of hardwork and preparation that went into the FASHION OUT LOUD event, here are some photos of the work that went into this amazing event! Thanks to everyone involved!

Chad North and Noel go over final details of the Show

Noel goes over models positions

Final Fittings
Anthony Lane, Brian Conway, and team work on staging and lighting
Anthony Lane, Noel Jean and team go over staging
Head Make Up Artist Shiela Olson works with model for make up trial
Model Nicole Miller and Wardrobe Assistant Christina Pena

Model Pantea Bassiri
Angel Kowatsch paints the NOEL JEAN Backdrop
Model: Grecia Garcia

Head Hair Stylist, Luz Marines does trial hair run on model Mikaella Pena
Photographer: Anthony Guerrero