Behind the Seams: A Fashion Discussion Panel / by Noel Jean

This week my most amazingly talented dearest friend, Monica Rose spoke with students of The Art Institute of California- Hollywood. There the students were able to get insider information, and ask questions on how to get in the "biz"?
I could not have been more proud of Monica! Students loved her and were eager to ask her questions on how she got started, and what she looks for in an assistant? LOL.
Monica continues to inspire a new breed of hungry fashionistas! Love you MONI!!!

Melissa Magsaysay- Editor of the Los Angeles Times
Rachel Pally- Designer
Monica Rose- Stylist for Kim Kardashian and the Daily 10!
Tu M. Tran- Owner & Press Director of Marked Showroom
Jeannie Lee- Owner of Satine Boutique
Michael Mente- Owner of Revolve Clothing