On to the Next One... / by Noel Jean

Twice a year Preview Vision Textile Show comes to NY to show you the latest on fabrics, textiles, trims, color trends, etc. So, right when you are in the middle of editing and producing your current collection, you have a the Preview Vision Textile Show to come into town and make you think about what the next collection you have to work on (never ending cycle). It is actually a wonderful little break to from the intense process of designing your current collection. I found some really great fabrics that I am hoping to be able to work with.
As an emerging brand, you have to make sure you ask the right questions when meeting new vendors. Some have requirements and order minimums that you may not be able to obligate to, but it is always good to build your rolodex you never know when you actually will be able meet the "high minimums" or "bulk orders" these vendors need.
Can't wait to start the next collection!