Give It Some Thought / by Noel Jean

This week I met with a PR Firm that I am interested in working with. I showed them half of my collection, and they absolutely loved it. The sales girls wanted to wear it right then and there.This was all very positive and uplifting feedback. For the past few months, I have been looking at my collection over and over, and was developing tunnel vision. I was very pleased, and am excited to start shooting my Look Book.
In the meeting, we decided that I would focus on getting my name "out there" before producing a Fashion Show this season. I had been debating whether or not I was going to do a show throughout this whole process, and I really think it is smarter for me to develop the business before investing any money in a show or presentation.
Next on my agenda, is getting my team together for my Look Book shoot. I will be spending the next few days getting the Glam Squad together, scout out locations, etc. "Behind the Seams" photos to come...
Stay tuned~