MADE in NYC / by Noel Jean

I am proud to say that I am producing my collection here in New York City. Some of you know that in recent years, the Garment District (generally considered to span between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 40th St.) has been struggling to survive with designers and manufacturers choosing to produce goods overseas for significantly lower costs, and recently real estate pressures emptying out apparel businesses.

Associations, such as SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER are raising awareness to the public and those in the fashion industry just how serious of an issue the Garment District is facing. Keeping goods and products made in New York, keeps thousands of people in this city employed and helps with our local economy.

A recent WSJ article, questions "how do we talk about locally-made in a way that connects the consumer to making the decision [to buy them]?" This is something I think about because as designer Nellie Partow adds "it's not cheap to make [clothes] in New York but it's worth it."

Investing in quality is important. Next time you go shopping, take a look at where the clothes were made, you could be helping the economy and thousands of people's jobs :)